There is so much beauty in the world that too often goes unnoticed. It seems the pervasive imagery we are surrounded by, while attractive to some, actually leads to a drab gray goo of sameness. The color, the saturation, the fakeness is all amped up to attract attention, but the result is just the opposite. My mind sees a type of image that is more lyrical, and focuses on ideas that some might find ugly. The path can be difficult, but an important part of reaching the destination, I want to BE an artist.

An important part of being an artist is sharing work with others. I believe in the power of the print, and so all my images are actual, original prints that I carefully crafted myself. Images conceived in my mind's eye, captured on real celluloid film and printed as traditional silver gelatin prints. Making these prints is a time honored tradition, and while it sounds cliche, they are meant to be seen in "real" life. While the end result is a print you can hold in your hand, the journey is perhaps just as interesting. Imagining amazing locations with great models and interesting props, and then executing that vision is a big part of the struggle.